EZ Dump Commercial Inc. is an innovative design and engineering company focused on the waste receptacle needs of the restaurant, hospitality and commercial office markets. Our EZ Dump products are revolutionizing how people think about trash cans. With the EZ Dump SmartcanMax™ you don't take the trash out of the can, you take the can off the trash bag! You simply tie the trash bag closed, step on the foot release pedal at the base of the SmartcanMax™, remove the SmartcanMax™ body, and then simply discard the trash bag from the EZ Dump SmartcanMax™ base.

We have eliminated having to pull the trash bag out of the SmartcanMax™ entirely. This reduces the potential for injury by allowing the user to get in a proper lifting position every time. SmartcanMax™ makes the repetitive task of removing trash faster and easier, allowing the user to do other important tasks, such as serving customers. SmartcanMax™ also makes bag liner usage more efficient and effective, providing substantial cost savings. All our products are 100% recyclable, manufactured with sustainable and recycled materials, and Made in the USA.

With more products on the drawing boards, EZ Dump Commercial will continue to provide Made in the USA solutions that are innovative and offer savings, safety and durability to our customers.
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